GMDAS (Global Maritime Data and Airtime Services) is a one-stop destination for all satellite communications requirements in the Australasia region. Our product range includes technology from Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT. With our head office in Fremantle, Western Australia, and branches throughout Australia and South East Asia, GMDAS is perfectly positioned to provide Australasia with world-class satellite communications service.

GMDAS products are ideal for situations which require communication in remote areas. Those working in mining, oil and gas, maritime, offshore, engineering and media, to name a few industries, are sure to benefit from airtime packages tailored by GMDAS to meet any requirement.

GMDAS clients are as varied as they come: Japanese supertankers and offshore vessels; mining camps and rural farms; US troop carriers and super yachts; fast ferries and fishing vessels; St. John ambulances and truck fleets… we have a communications solution for every situation. GMDAS is a member of the AMI Group, a portfolio of companies providing a variety of goods and services across the marine, electronic, environmental, safety and caravan/motorhome industries.

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